Jobs in Malta Hotels for Nepalese Workers: A Lucrative Opportunity

Jobs in Malta hotels for Nepalese workers with good salary packages, Are you a Nepalese worker looking for an exciting opportunity to work in the beautiful country of Malta? If so, you’re in luck. The Move Careers Limited organization is on the hunt for a considerable number of jobs in Malta hotels to fill various positions in Malta’s thriving hotel industry. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Available Positions Jobs in Malta Hotels

If you’re considering a career in Malta’s vibrant hotel industry, you’ll be delighted to know that a wide range of jobs in Malta hotels are up for grabs. These positions include:

  • Waiter: Your role would involve providing excellent customer service, taking orders, and ensuring guests have a memorable dining experience.
  • Sales Assistant: You’ll be assisting with sales-related tasks, which may include helping customers, restocking, and ensuring the store’s smooth operation.
  • Plumber Assistant: If you have plumbing skills, this position will involve helping with plumbing maintenance and repairs.
  • Mechanic: Mechanics are responsible for keeping vehicles in good working condition.
  • Kitchen Helper: Your tasks would include assisting chefs, preparing ingredients, and maintaining kitchen cleanliness.
  • General Helper: You’ll be involved in various general tasks to support the hotel’s smooth operation.
  • Electrician Assistant: This role involves assisting with electrical maintenance and repairs.
  • Cook Assistant: You’ll help the kitchen staff with food preparation and cooking.
  • Construction Worker: If you have construction experience, this position would involve working on various building projects.
  • Cleaner/Housekeeping: You’ll be responsible for keeping the hotel rooms and common areas clean and tidy.
  • Carwash Attendant: This role is all about keeping vehicles clean and presentable.
  • Barman: As a barman, you’ll be responsible for serving drinks, mixing cocktails, and ensuring guests have a great time.

Duties and Work Schedule

Once you secure a job in one of Malta’s beautiful hotels, you can expect an eight-hour workday, six days a week, with one day off for rest and relaxation. The best part is that all companies provide free food and accommodation, making your life in Malta comfortable and affordable.

Required Experience and Qualifications

Your experience and qualifications depend on the specific job you’re interested in. The company will provide some training according to the role. To be eligible for these jobs in Malta hotels, you should have at least passed the SLC exam and be proficient in reading, speaking, and writing in English.

Interview Date and Process

The final interview for these jobs in Malta hotels will be conducted by a company representative on November 10, 2023, at the company’s office in Kathmandu. This is your chance to showcase your skills and secure a fantastic job opportunity in Malta.

Jobs in Malta hotels

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The opportunity to work in work in Malta hotels is not one to be missed. With a competitive monthly salary, free food and accommodation, and a variety of positions to choose from, it’s a chance for Nepalese workers to build a promising career. Don’t hesitate to apply and attend the interview on November 10, 2023, to get started on this exciting journey.


Q1: What is the application process for these positions?
The application process typically involves submitting your resume and attending an interview on November 10, 2023, in Kathmandu.

Q2: Is knowledge of the Maltese language required for these jobs?
No, it’s not necessary. Proficiency in English is the main language requirement.

Q3: What are the working hours like in jobs in Malta hotels?
You will be working eight hours a day, six days a week, with one day off.

Q4: Can both men and women apply for these openings?
Yes, the demand is for 315 workers, and both male and female applicants are welcome.

Q5: Can you provide more information on the salary range for jobs in Malta hotels?
The monthly salary for these positions ranges from NPR 1,21,836 to NPR 1,54,638, depending on the role and experience.

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