Vacancy for Nepalese employee in Saudi and Malaysia.

Construction and Road Services Contracting EST Saudi Arabia is a leading construction and road services company based in Saudi Arabia. The company has been providing top-notch services in construction, road building, and maintenance for many years. The company is committed to delivering high-quality services that meet the needs of their clients. They are currently looking for Nepalese employees to join their team and help them achieve their goals. TTES Frontken Integrated Services SDN BHD Malaysia is another reputable company in the construction and engineering industry. The company provides a wide range of services, including engineering design, project management, and construction services. They are currently looking for Nepalese employees to join their team and contribute to their ongoing success.

Working for these companies can be a great opportunity for Nepalese employees to gain valuable experience and advance their careers. They offer competitive salaries, benefits packages, and a supportive work environment. As an employee of these companies, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and develop your skills in a dynamic and challenging environment. If you are a Nepalese job seeker looking for a rewarding career in the construction and engineering industry, consider applying to these companies. They are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants, regardless of their race, gender, or nationality.

The salary of up to 63,072 Nepalese currency per month, along with accommodations and insurance provided by a company, can be an attractive package for employees in Nepal. This salary can provide a comfortable standard of living in the country, especially for those living in urban areas where the cost of living is relatively high. The provision of accommodations by the company can also be beneficial for employees, as it can save them the hassle and expense of finding a suitable place to live. Moreover, it can provide a sense of security for employees who may be concerned about their safety while living in a new place.

Insurance coverage can also provide a sense of security and peace of mind for employees, knowing that they are covered in case of unforeseen circumstances. This can include medical insurance, which can be essential in a country like Nepal, where access to quality healthcare can be limited in some areas. Overall, a package that includes a salary of up to 63,072 Nepalese currency per month, accommodations, and insurance can be a compelling offer for employees in Nepal, providing them with financial security, comfortable living arrangements, and essential insurance coverage.

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Working with Lucky H.R. Solution Pvt. Ltd. could offer candidates a chance to work with an experienced team of recruiters who have extensive knowledge of the local job market. The company is dedicated to providing personalized solutions to both employers and job seekers, ensuring a successful match for both parties. If you’re looking for a new job opportunity in Nepal or seeking to hire talented candidates for your organization, Lucky H.R. Solution Pvt. Ltd. may be able to help. Contact them for more information on their available positions and services.

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