Six different company in Japan announcement vacancy

The current labor market in Japan has opened up multiple opportunities for skilled workers as several companies are seeking qualified personnel to fill essential roles. In light of this, a recent surge in demand has led to the requirement of 11 male workers for various posts across six different reputed companies in the country. These opportunities present a unique chance for candidates to showcase their abilities, grow professionally, and contribute to Japan’s thriving business landscape. Interested individuals should capitalize on this occasion, as the availability of such positions is a testament to Japan’s continued economic development and expanding industry sectors.

Construction Workers

Assist in building, repairing or demolishing structures, such as buildings, roads, bridges, and tunnels.
Perform a variety of manual labor tasks, such as digging trenches, pouring concrete, and operating heavy machinery.
Safe and healthy working conditions can be achieved by following safety procedures.
Collaborate with other construction workers and contractors to complete projects.

Concrete Placing Workers

Pour and level concrete to create a smooth surface for floors, walls, and other structures.
Use tools such as trowels, screeds, and concrete vibrators to ensure that concrete is properly placed and finished.
Read and interpret blueprints and construction plans to determine proper concrete placement.
Maintain and repair equipment and tools used in concrete placement.

Scaffolder Workers

Build and dismantle scaffolds to provide safe and secure work platforms for construction workers.
Read and interpret blueprints and construction plans to determine proper scaffold placement and design.
Inspect scaffolds to ensure they are safe and meet regulatory standards.
Work with other construction workers and contractors to ensure scaffolds are properly placed and used.

Reinforcing Bar Placer Staff

Prepare and install reinforcing steel bars (rebar) to reinforce concrete structures such as walls, foundations, and columns.
Read and interpret blueprints and construction plans to determine proper rebar placement.
Bend and cut rebar using tools such as pliers and rebar cutters.
Ensure that rebar is properly aligned and secured in place before concrete is poured.

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Duties & Salary

In this position, employees are expected to handle a variety of tasks during their daily 8 to 10-hour shifts, spanning 6 days a week and totaling 40 hours of work. With this commitment, the company offers a competitive salary of up to NPR 1,79,000 per month, making it an attractive opportunity for qualified candidates. As part of the team, individuals will be responsible for completing their duties efficiently and effectively, contributing to the overall success and growth of the organization. The structure of the work week is designed to allow for a healthy work-life balance while still maintaining productivity and operational excellence within the company.

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