Security guard jobs in Dubai for freshers

Are you a recent graduate seeking Security guard jobs in Dubai for freshers? Look no further! Spark Security Service Proprietorship LLC and Serveu LLC, two distinguished companies in the United Arab Emirates, are now offering employment for Nepalese candidates. Let’s dive into the details of these enticing opportunities.

Opportunities in Dubai for Freshers

Dubai is a vibrant and thriving city that never stops growing. It’s a land of opportunities for both experienced professionals and freshers. (Security guard jobs in Dubai for freshers). The security industry is no exception. If you’re a fresher looking to embark on a promising career path, there’s a demand for security guard jobs waiting for you.

Job Description – Security guard jobs in Dubai for freshers

The role of a security guard in Dubai involves ensuring the safety and security of the assigned premises. Security guards are responsible for monitoring, patrolling, and maintaining a secure environment for residents and visitors. Duties include safeguarding property, assets, and people, making them an integral part of Dubai’s business landscape.

Qualifications Required

To qualify for these positions, you don’t need extensive prior experience. Freshers are welcome! However, basic qualifications such as a high school diploma or equivalent are essential. Additionally, being in good physical condition and possessing strong communication skills is a plus.

Gender-Neutral Demand

Applicants of all genders are welcome to submit their applications. The demand for security guards in Dubai is not limited by gender, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Attractive Salary

The pay for these positions is competitive, with candidates standing to earn up to $72,000/-NPR annually. This is a great starting point for freshers and provides financial stability in a dynamic city like Dubai. Security guard jobs in Dubai for freshers.

Working Conditions

Security guards work eight-hour shifts, six days a week, with overtime available in accordance with business policies. This offers a balanced work-life structure and the chance to earn extra income. Security guard jobs in Dubai for freshers.

Security guard jobs in Dubai for freshers

Perks of the Job

One of the remarkable perks of these roles is that catering and lodging are provided by the hiring companies. This takes the burden off employees and ensures their comfort while on the job.

Interview Date

The interviews are scheduled for November 6, 2023. This provides ample time for interested candidates to prepare and make necessary arrangements. Security guard jobs in Dubai for freshers.

Contact Us

For further inquiries and the application process, contact Nepal’s Al-Jarafa Human Resource Consultant Private Limited. They will assist you in navigating the application process and offer guidance.

Application Process

The application process is straightforward. Prepare your resume and relevant documents, including your qualifications, and send them to the provided email address. You will be given guidance on the subsequent actions to take. Security guard jobs in Dubai for freshers.

Preparing for the Interview

To increase your chances of success, prepare for the interview by researching the companies and understanding the role of a security guard in Dubai. Attire yourself in a professional manner and rehearse frequently asked interview queries.

Tips for a Successful Interview

  • Be punctual.
  • Exhibit good communication skills.
  • Show enthusiasm for the job.
  • Highlight your willingness to learn and adapt.
  • Ask questions about the job and company.


1. Do I need prior security experience to apply for these jobs? No, freshers are welcome to apply, and prior experience is not required.

2. Is the salary offered competitive for freshers? Yes, the annual salary of up to $72,000/-NPR is highly competitive and offers financial stability in Dubai.

3. What is the work schedule like for security guards in Dubai? Security guards work eight-hour shifts, six days a week, with overtime available per business policy.

4. Are these job opportunities gender-neutral? Absolutely, we welcome applications from individuals of all genders.

5. How do I prepare for the interview with these companies? Research the companies, dress professionally, practice common interview questions, and show enthusiasm for the job. Be punctual and ask questions about the job and the company to demonstrate your interest and commitment.

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