Best Paying at Rawabi Hypermarket in Qatar 2024

Are You Searching For Good-Paying Jobs Abroad? Rawabi Hypermarket is currently opening new vacancies for Nepali citizens in Qatar! Various sectors within their company provide exciting salaries and benefits, making this an incredible career advancement opportunity!

About Rawabi Hypermarket

Rawabi Hypermarket was established in 1985 by the Al Rawabi Group of companies and has grown alongside Qatar over time to become one of the country’s premier business groups, serving customers from diverse walks of life with commitment and trust – 100% geographical coverage is possible thanks to our dedicated customers and trusted suppliers alike!

Open Vacancy

Rawabi market is opening new job vacancies for various positions. The company seeks a total of 35 employees for seven different positions. Vacancy is only applicable to male employees. The demanded positions are listed below;
Chawarma Maker
Juice Maker
Kabab Maker
General Clean Worker

Working Hours

These Hypermarket jobs involve 8 hours a day over six days each week with two-year work permits issued by the company.


Candidates must fulfill essential criteria to qualify for this Hypermarket job vacancy. Below is a list of these prerequisites: Good Conversation Skills in English.

  • Work Experience Certificate. School Grade Certificate.

Salary and Benefits

The monthly pay range for these jobs ranges between NPR 36,560 to 54,840; additionally, the company provides food, accommodation, medical/life/trip insurance policies, as well as visas/tickets etc, for free.

Final Interview Date

We want to inform all applicants who wish to fill a position at al Rawabi Hypermarket that the final interview date for job applications will be June 7, 2024, in Kathmandu, Nepal, at the Blue Link Placement Solution Manpower office, and candidates can begin preparations immediately.

Rawabi Hypermarket

How to Apply

If anyone is interested in this suitable paying vacancy and to apply for hypermarket Qatar, visit BLUE LINK PLACEMENT SOLUTION at the airport in Kathmandu, or you can also apply via telephone at 01-5913225.


  • How can I apply for work at Rawabi Hypermarket in Qatar?
  • The Blue Link Placement Solution can assist with this application process.
  • What is Al Rawabi’s salary?
  • Their minimum annual pay is NPR 36,560, and their maximum is NPR 54,840.
  • Where can Al Rawab residents join?
  • Al Rawab residents aged 22-35 years can become members.
  • Which job at Hypermarket is in the highest demand?
  • At Rawabi Hypermarket, waitering is by far the most in-demand job role.
  • What qualifications are needed for Rawabi Hypermarket?
  • To work at Rawabi Hypermarket successfully, applicants should possess strong English (reading, writing, and listening) language abilities and exceptional communication abilities.


Take this chance to further your career in Qatar! These offers provide lucrative incomes and benefits in an accommodating work environment, providing plenty of experience while expanding skill and knowledge bases.

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