Packing work available part-time & full-time shift

Zucchini farm workers are needed in the Bowen, QLD area. Working between 30 and 50 hours a week, 5 to 7 days a week, on Monday-Sunday. Rates are $24.80 per hour. Tasks include checking, sorting, stacking, and packing. The transportation fee is $5 per day (for those who bring their own vehicles)

To apply for a third WH(or COVI-19) visa, you should be between the ages of 21-35. On our farm, we don’t just grow zucchini, but also produce top fruit and vegetable brands for our customers, so we suggest not letting down prestige by half. Also, we are not just a picker and packer company, we are able to refer you to other jobs if you impress us as a picker.

If your results as a picker are good, we will appoint you as a packing shedder. The candidate should also make sure that no damaged items are present in the containers, and toss them out as per the rules. It is also possible to use a forklift if you are well-experienced in riding one.

Those who achieve their dreams will also receive monetary rewards. Responsible for keeping the workspace clean and organized, documenting incoming and outgoing items, sealing and signing loaded trucks, assisting the warehouse security, maintaining food safety. Working with a professional team is required

As are the capabilities of the tools used in this work, as well as being physically and mentally fit, having excellent verbal skills and being able to sign no problems. Interested candidates should send their resumes to or call 0450243023. Thanks

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