Need office cleaners permanent part-time shift

We are interested in hiring permanent, part-time cleaners for the following shifts: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 2.5 hours per shift, North Fremantle. Forest field 3.0 hours per shift Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As such, we would like an appointment with someone living nearby or nearby.

There is a pay rate of 28.22 dollars per hour including all entitlements. As well, the candidate must defer to all the laws and regulations regarding the work and to any orders from senior employees. In a pandemic situation, the candidate needs to follow the sanitation guidelines and use sanitizers accordingly

As well as wear a mask, gloves, and face shield to prevent germs. Also, the candidate must wear a proper uniform in a clean manner while working. You will take part in heavy cleaning tasks including sweeping, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning restrooms, stocking and supplying the designated facility area

Following all safety and health regulations, sanitizing furniture, cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces and completing other duties as necessary. A high school diploma is required along with the ability to handle heavy equipment. The candidate must also have good communication and organizational skills as well as be honest and trustworthy.

Among the qualifications candidates must possess are punctuality, hard work, reliability, and physical fitness. Your resume can be sent to or you can call 0403333073. Thanks

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