Mobile patrol guard and cleaning staff urgently need night shift

We are seeking the right candidate to appoint him/ her as our petrol station worker and cleaner in our team. First of all, the worksite is based on GOLD COAST, and we want our workers must be local to this area and have knowledge of the GOLD COAST. Similarly, the working schedule is on FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY in night shifts if

Anyone who cannot work in nights then this is not suitable for your but those people who can manage and work in nights then please send your resume as fast as possible to get these job on your hands. And, the candidates are paid $25 to %30 an hour and the working shift is from 2 AM to 5:30 AM. Likewise, the work will not be easy because in

This job you will be very responsible to clean, greet customers and exchange their money etc so we suggest the worker must be regular in the job to form a good relationship with the customers. Likely, the work is for long term purpose so if you are looking for permanent work then this is the right job for you to act immediately.

Moreover, if you are available for more days and hours then please provide your availability then you can work at weekends also whereas you can earn more than the usual days. The responsibilities as a petrol station worker are: use the computer software to record all the transaction and calculation, compile and maintain non-monetary report

And records, perform regular cleaning to remove the petrol stains using cleaning equipment, clean and sanitize the area, ensure there is the average level of fuel for the day to provide for our customers, report any replacements or leakage immediately to the manager to fix it. The requirements as a petrol station worker are

A high school diploma is required, must have a current security license, knowledge of store merchandise to provide helpful guidance for the customers, restock the fuel with the trusty seller, must be physically fit and can work in a faster pace, should have the idea for subtraction and addition, should have an ABN. Interested candidates, please contact us with your resume at

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