Security guard job in Qatar 2023

If you’re seeking a rewarding career as a security guard in Qatar in 2023, you’re in luck! G4S Qatar W.L.L. Company has announced multiple job vacancies for security guards with free visas and free tickets. This article will provide you with all the essential details you need to know about this fantastic job opportunity. Security guard job in Qatar 2023.

Security Guard Job in Qatar 2023

Qatar, known for its economic growth and multicultural environment, offers an excellent platform for individuals looking to start or advance their careers. One such opportunity is the position of a Security guard job in Qatar 2023, offered by G4S Qatar W.L.L. Company.

G4S Qatar W.L.L. Company Announcement

G4S Qatar W.L.L. Company is a renowned security services provider with a global presence. Their commitment to excellence and a strong emphasis on employee welfare make them an attractive employer. This announcement is a testament to their dedication to hiring the best talent in the industry. Security guard job in Qatar 2023.

Position and Duties

As a Security guard job in Qatar 2023, your primary responsibility will be to ensure the safety and security of the premises you are assigned to. You will be expected to maintain a vigilant presence and respond to any security breaches. Duties may include monitoring surveillance equipment, inspecting buildings, and controlling access.

Experience and Qualifications

To be eligible for this role, you should have prior experience in security or a related field. G4S Qatar W.L.L. Company values individuals with a background in security services and a strong commitment to their work. A mandatory background check and training could be prerequisites.

Demand for 50 Male Candidates

The company is currently looking to hire 50 male candidates for this position. This demand is a reflection of their commitment to strengthening their security team.

Salary and Benefits

The compensation for this job is quite competitive, with a salary of 55,195 NPR. In addition to the attractive salary, G4S Qatar W.L.L. Company provides its employees with various benefits that make this opportunity even more appealing.

Working Hours and Overtime

Security guards are expected to work eight-hour shifts, six days a week. Overtime is available per the company’s business policy, which can significantly boost your earnings.

Catering and Lodging

The organization guarantees the well-being of its staff as a top priority. Accommodation and catering are provided by the business, ensuring that you have a comfortable stay while working in Qatar. Security guard job in Qatar 2023.

Security guard job in Qatar 2023

Date of Interview

Mark your calendars for November 7, 2023. This is the date when the company will be conducting interviews for potential candidates. Make sure to be well-prepared and present yourself professionally.

Contact Information

For inquiries or to apply for this job opportunity, get in touch with Orchid Overseas Private Limited, the agency responsible for recruitment. 


Is prior security experience required for this job?

Yes, prior experience in security or a related field is preferred.

How many male candidates are they looking to hire?

The company is looking to hire 50 male candidates for this position.

What is the salary for this position?

The salary for the security guard position is 55,195 NPR.

Are accommodations and catering provided by the company?

Yes, G4S Qatar W.L.L. Company provides accommodations and catering for its employees.

When are the interviews scheduled for this job?

The interviews for this job are scheduled for November 7, 2023. Be prepared and don’t miss this opportunity!

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