Packing position available 5-6 days per week

We are seeking staff for packing citrus. This farming property is located in Gol Gol, NSW (just 10 minutes by car from Mildura). Fruit picking and sorting positions available, Stacking boxes and making pallets, Position Casual / Super (9.5%) $24.80 an hour, Your superannuation is deposited into the account of your choice

Approximately 50 hours of work per week, Monday through Saturday 5-6 weeks work shift, Take one or two weeks off (you can pick citrus or prune grapes during this period if you so desire). English language proficiency is a must, The attitude of positivity and hard work, Visas required to work legally.

Additionally, the packer must demonstrate experience and skill working in this prior position before being approved & the candidate must lift some weights. The candidate must be able to stand the whole day as part of this packing work. You must also be willing to learn new techniques and skills from the company if you wish to be regarded as a professional.

Furthermore, you must also work under the pressure of your superiors. A fruit and vegetable packer is also required to prepare all items as per the preferences of customers, pack all the products according to safety precautions, select all products based on size and ripeness

Discard rotten or overripe produce, pack all the fruits and vegetables before shipping, notify the manager if an accident occurs, and clean any spills. Resumes should be sent to by interested candidates. Thanks

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