Jobs in Saudi for Nepali, Salary Up-to 1,23,270/- NPR

If you are searching for Jobs in Saudi for Nepali, In today’s ever-evolving job market, the opportunity to embark on a career in a foreign land can be a life-changing experience. For Nepali job seekers, there is good news on the horizon! Three reputable companies in Saudi Arabia have recently announced a plethora of Jobs in Saudi for Nepali.

We will explore the various positions, job descriptions, salaries, and other essential details related to these job openings. Whether you’re a medic, bus driver, ambulance driver, light driver, kitchen worker, or trailer truck driver, this could be your chance to work and grow in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Opportunities Abound: Various Positions and Duties

The three distinguished companies have opened up a range of positions that cater to different skill sets and qualifications. As a job seeker, you can choose from the following roles:

Medic – Jobs in Saudi for Nepali

For those with a medical background, the role of a medic in Saudi Arabia could be an exciting opportunity. This position entails providing healthcare services and ensuring the well-being of individuals.

Bus Driver

If you have experience in driving, working as a bus driver in the Kingdom can be a rewarding career path. You’ll be responsible for safely transporting passengers to their destinations.

Ambulance Driver

Emergency medical services heavily rely on the pivotal role that ambulance drivers play. Your duties will include transporting patients to healthcare facilities promptly and safely.

Light Driver: Jobs in Saudi for Nepali

Light drivers have a diverse range of duties, from making deliveries to ensuring the safe transportation of goods and passengers. It’s a versatile role that demands attention to detail and responsibility.

Kitchen Worker

For those interested in the culinary arts, working as a kitchen worker in Saudi Arabia might be the perfect fit. Your responsibilities will include assisting in food preparation, cooking, and maintaining kitchen cleanliness.

Trailer Truck Driver: Jobs in Saudi for Nepali

If you have experience in driving heavy vehicles, this role could be ideal for you. Trailer truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods over long distances efficiently and safely.

Attractive Salaries Await: Jobs in Saudi for Nepali

One of the primary reasons many Nepali job seekers consider working in Saudi Arabia is the attractive remuneration. The salary range for these positions falls between NPR 46,046 and NPR 1,23,270, depending on the job and your experience. This salary range is competitive and can offer a stable and rewarding source of income.

High Demand: 25 Vacancies Up for Grabs

With a total demand of 25 vacancies across these diverse positions, the opportunity for Nepali workers is significant. These companies are actively looking for skilled and dedicated individuals to join their teams. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, there’s a role that might be just right for you.

Working Hours and Overtime

Before applying for any of these positions, it’s crucial to understand the working hours and overtime policies. The standard working hours are eight hours a day, and overtime will be compensated according to Saudi labor laws. The opportunity for extra earnings is available, making these positions even more attractive.

Jobs in Saudi for Nepali

Don’t Miss the Interview Date

Mark your calendar for the 5th of November 2023! This is the scheduled interview date, and it’s your chance to impress potential employers and secure a fantastic Jobs in Saudi for Nepali. Make sure to prepare thoroughly, as the competition might be fierce.

Contact Us for More Information

For any inquiries or to submit your application, reach out to Sun Hills Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd., located in Kathmandu, Nepal. They will guide you through the application process, interview details, and any other information you might need.


1. How can I apply for these job openings in Saudi Arabia?

To apply for these job openings, you can get in touch with Sun Hills Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd. in Kathmandu, Nepal. They will provide you with all the necessary details and guide you through the application process.

2. What is the duration of work for these positions?

The duration of work for these positions is two years.

3. Can freshers apply for these job vacancies, or is experience required?

Both freshers and experienced individuals can apply for these job vacancies. The prerequisites fluctuate according to the particular role in question.

4. Do prospects for career advancement exist in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, there are opportunities for career growth in Saudi Arabia. Many individuals who start in these positions go on to advance in their careers and secure better opportunities.

5. What documents and qualifications do I need to apply for these jobs?

The specific documents and qualifications required will vary depending on the position. It’s best to contact Sun Hills Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd. for detailed information on the application requirements.

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