Unlocking Opportunities: High-Paying Jobs in Qatar for Nepali Job Seekers

Jobs in Qatar for Nepali, Are you a Nepali job aspirant and looking for high-paying opportunities abroad? look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to an exciting job opportunity in Qatar for Nepali individuals. Golden Majestic Trading & Contractors W.L.L., a reputed company in Qatar, is urgently looking for male and female Nepalese employees to join their team. Let’s explore the details and benefits of this fantastic job opportunity.

Position and Duties

GOLDEN MAJESTIC TRADING & CONTRACTING WLL There are a range of positions available for Nepalese job seekers, offering diverse job roles to match different skill sets. Here are some of the positions they are looking to fill:

  1. Driver
    As a driver, your primary responsibility will be to transport goods and personnel safely and efficiently. Your role will be important in ensuring smooth functioning of daily operations.
  2. Foreman
    Foremen play an important role in monitoring and coordinating the work of laborers and ensuring that tasks are completed on time and within the prescribed guidelines.
  3. General sweeper
    This role involves maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace. Your duties may include cleaning, dusting, and ensuring a pleasant and sanitary environment.
  4. Hard work
    Laborers are essential for various tasks including construction and general maintenance. Your physical strength and willingness to work will be your major asset in this role.
  5. Mason
    Masons are skilled workers who are responsible for constructing buildings, walls and other structures using bricks, concrete blocks or natural stones.
  6. Supervisor
    The Supervisor will oversee and manage the work of other employees, ensuring efficiency and quality in all tasks.


While experienced workers are preferred, Golden Majestic Trading & Contractors W.L.L. Welcomes individuals who may not have prior experience in the positions listed. The company provides on-the-job training to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your chosen role.

Number of Vacancies: Jobs in Qatar for Nepali

GOLDEN MAJESTIC TRADING & CONTRACTING WLL There are vacancies for 14 male workers. This is a great opportunity for Nepalese men looking to broaden their horizons and experience a new culture while earning a competitive salary.


The company offers an attractive salary range of NPR 36,460 to NPR 91,150, ensuring that your hard work is fairly compensated. This competitive compensation package is designed to provide financial security and a high quality of life for you and your family.

Hours of Work

Jobs in Qatar for Nepali, You will work 8 hours a day with a six day workweek. This schedule allows for a good work-life balance, giving you ample time to explore and enjoy Qatar’s vibrant culture and sights.


Jobs in Qatar for Nepali, For those who want to earn additional income, overtime opportunities are available as per company rules. This gives you the opportunity to boost your earnings even more.

Food and Accommodation

GOLDEN MAJESTIC TRADING & CONTRACTING WLL Takes care of your basic needs. They provide food and accommodation, ensuring that you can focus on your work without worrying about daily necessities.

Duration of Work

Jobs in Qatar for Nepali, The job contract is for a period of two years, providing stability and the opportunity to develop your skills during your stay in Qatar.

Interview Date

Jobs in Qatar for Nepali, If you are interested in this exciting job opportunity, mark your calendars for the interview date October 24th, 2023. This is your chance to make a strong impression in Qatar and secure a promising career.

Jobs in Qatar for Nepali

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Jobs in Qatar for Nepali, Finally, Golden Majestic Trading & Contractors W.L.L. These high-paying job opportunities in Qatar for Nepali job seekers in Qatar. Provide a gateway to a better future. Whether you’re an experienced employee or looking to gain a new skill, this opportunity caters to a wide variety of individuals. With competitive pay, food and accommodation provided and the opportunity to explore a new country, this is your chance to open new horizons and set yourself on the path to success. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to improve your career and your life. Seize the opportunity on the interview date and embark on the journey of growth and prosperity in Qatar.

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