Jobs in Europe Romania for Nepali – Salary 77,396 NPR

Are you from Nepal and looking for employment opportunities in Romania? (Jobs in Europe Romania for Nepali) look no further! A reputable company, Ultra Cycling SRL has opened its doors to interested candidates like you. In this article, we will explore the attractive job offers they have for Nepalese workers.

For many Nepalese individuals looking for overseas job opportunities, Romania has emerged as an exciting destination. With a unique blend of stunning landscapes, rich history and economic prospects, Romania is a place where dreams can come true. If you are considering a career in this Eastern European country, there is an incredible job opportunity that you should not miss. Jobs in Europe Romania for Nepali.

Position & Duties – Jobs in Europe Romania for Nepali

Ultra Cycling SRL is currently looking for candidates for the position of General Worker. As a general employee, your duties will include a variety of tasks that will contribute to the smooth running of the company. This includes tasks such as manual labor, maintaining equipment, and other general support tasks. Jobs in Europe Romania for Nepali.

Demands and Requirements – Jobs in Europe Romania for Nepali

  • Demand: The company is looking for 120 male employees, providing an excellent opportunity for Nepali job seekers.


  • Salary: Selected candidates will receive a competitive monthly salary of NPR 77,396. This ensures that you can secure a steady income to support yourself and your family. Jobs in Europe Romania for Nepali.

Interview Details

The interview process will be conducted from 7 to 10 November 2023 in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is a great opportunity to meet company representatives, discuss the role and showcase your skills. Jobs in Europe Romania for Nepali.

Contact Information

For further information and inquiries, you may contact Kathmandu International Incorporated Pvt. Ltd. Ltd., located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Attraction of Romania

Romania is a country of breathtaking beauty, with the stunning Carpathian Mountains, pristine beaches along the Black Sea and picturesque medieval cities. The country offers a high quality of life at a much lower cost than Western Europe.

Nepali Community in Romania

Romania hosts a growing Nepalese community, which provides the opportunity to connect with fellow countrymen, making the transition to a new culture easier.

Ultra Cycling SRL: A Reliable Employer

Ultra Cycling SRL is a company known for its professionalism, fair treatment of employees and commitment to providing a safe working environment. Your welfare is of utmost importance, and you can be confident in that.

Jobs in Europe Romania for Nepali

Visa and Immigration Process

The company will assist selected candidates with the visa and immigration process, ensuring a smooth transition to life in Romania.

Cultural Integration

Romania’s diverse culture is a blend of different influences, making it an exciting place to learn and grow. You will get a chance to explore new traditions and cuisines.

Safety and Lifestyle

Romania is renowned for its safety, providing a peaceful environment for you and your family. The low cost of living and a wide range of recreational activities make it an excellent place to live.


1. How can I apply for the job at Ultra Cycling SRL?

  • To apply, visit their official website and follow the instructions in the job posting.

2. Is knowledge of the Romanian language required for the job?

  • No, the company provides training, and English proficiency is sufficient.

3. What are the working hours and benefits like?

  • Working hours are standard, and the company offers benefits such as medical insurance and housing.

4. Are there opportunities for career advancement?

  • Yes, Ultra Cycling SRL offers opportunities for growth and development within the company.

5. How is the cost of living in Romania compared to Nepal?

  • Romania offers a comfortable lifestyle at an affordable price compared to many other European countries.

Final Conclusion

Romania promises a bright future for Nepali job seekers, and Ultra Cycling SRL’s job opening is an exciting gateway to this opportunity. Don’t miss the chance to start a new adventure and build a fulfilling career in this beautiful European country.

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