Jobs in Europe for Nepali – Salary 1,12,136/- NPR

If you are hardworking workers currently searching for a jobs in Europe for Nepali? We have very good news for you! Six reputable companies are currently offering a range of vacancies, welcoming both male and female candidates to join their workforce. These Jobs in Europe for Nepali offer a gateway to international employment.

Position Available jobs in Europe for Nepali

Domestic Worker: This job can be a great fit for you if you enjoy helping out around the house and making sure everything is tidy and orderly. Domestic workers are an important component of jobs in Europe for Nepali since they keep houses comfortable and give inhabitants basic amenities.

Employee: Many companies are searching for hardworking employees to contribute to their success. Whether you have experience in sales, administration, or any other field, these positions offer a chance to be part of a thriving team. These Jobs in Europe for Nepali are your opportunity to shine.

Cook: There are chances for cooks who love creating delectable meals and have culinary expertise to display their abilities. You can explore a career in the culinary arts with these openings, marking them as exceptional Jobs in Europe for Nepali.

Duties and Responsibilities

In these positions, you can expect to work 8 hours a day, covering 6 shifts each week. Overtime is provided according to the respective company’s rules and regulations, ensuring that your dedication and extra effort are compensated fairly as part of the Jobs in Europe for Nepalese.

Salary Range

The salary range for these positions varies from NPR 44,015 to NPR 1,12,136, depending on the role and the company. Your hard work and skills will be duly rewarded, offering you a competitive and attractive compensation package, a significant aspect of these jobs in Europe for Nepalis.

Interview Date

Mark your calendars for November 11, 2023, as this is the scheduled interview date for these exciting jobs in Europe for Nepalis. This is your moment to shine and demonstrate your qualifications so that you can be considered for these fantastic possibilities.

Jobs in Europe for Nepali

Contact Office in Nepal

For any inquiries or to learn more about these jobs in Europe for Nepalis, you can get in touch with S.R.C. Job Placement Private Limited, located at Gongabu-26, Kathmandu, Nepal. Feel free to reach out to them at the following phone numbers: 01-5915880 and 01-5916880 for detailed information about these jobs in Europe for Nepalis.


How can I apply for these jobs in Europe for Nepalis?

  • To apply for these vacancies, you can reach out to S.R.C. Job Placement Private Limited and inquire about the application process for these work in Cyprus for Nepali. They will assist you in completing the necessary procedures to send in your application.

Are these Jobs in Europe for Nepali open to both male and female candidates?

  • Yes, these job openings welcome both male and female candidates, providing equal opportunities for all in these Jobs in Europe for Nepali.

What kind of qualifications are companies looking for in candidates for these Jobs in Europe for Nepali?

  • The precise requirements might change based on the role. It’s advisable to reach out to the hiring companies or the placement agency for detailed information on the qualifications and requirements for each role in these careers in Cyprus for Nepali.

How can I prepare for the interview on November 11, 2023, for these jobs in Europe for Nepalis?

  • To prepare for the interview, it’s essential to research the company and the role you are applying for in these Jobs in Europe for Nepali, practice answering common interview questions, and ensure you have all the necessary documents and certifications ready.

Can I expect a good work-life balance in these work in Europe for Nepali?

  • Work-life balance can vary depending on the role and the company offering this work in Europe for Nepali. During the interview process, you can inquire about the company’s policies and expectations regarding work hours and balance to understand the work-life balance in these Job in Europe for Nepali.

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