Job opening in UAE for Nepali staff with good salary

Exciting opportunity for Nepali workers: Dulsco LLC, a renowned UAE company, offers a rare chance of free visa and ticket employment. Currently, they seek 350 skilled male workers, promising competitive salaries. With a full-time commitment of 6 shifts per week, each spanning 8-10 hours, this role guarantees ample earning potential. Overtime opportunities further enhance remuneration. Earn up to 90,300 NPR while experiencing the dynamic work environment of the UAE. Seize this chance for a rewarding career and personal growth.

At Level-2, Porter and Factory Workers play crucial roles in the operational framework of industries. Porters are responsible for the efficient movement of goods, ensuring proper handling, loading, and unloading. Their duties include maintaining inventory accuracy, adhering to safety protocols, and assisting in overall warehouse organization.

Factory Workers at Level-2 are the backbone of production lines. They operate machinery, assemble components, and perform quality checks to ensure products meet standards. These workers follow manufacturing instructions meticulously, troubleshoot minor issues, and contribute to the smooth functioning of the production process.

Heavy Bus Drivers at Level-2 handle larger vehicles, like coaches or transport buses. They ensure passenger safety through careful driving, proper route adherence, and vehicle maintenance. Alongside driving, they may assist passengers with boarding, handle fare collection, and communicate effectively with transportation authorities.

Light Bus Drivers, also at Level-2, typically drive smaller vehicles like vans or minibuses. Their duties involve transporting passengers along designated routes, maintaining the vehicle’s cleanliness, and ensuring passenger comfort and safety. These drivers often have more direct interactions with passengers, providing information and assistance as needed.

Overall, Level-2 staff in these roles contribute to the effective functioning of transportation and production systems. Their responsibilities encompass technical skills, safety awareness, and interpersonal communication, forming the backbone of industries and service sectors.

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