Job in UAE for Nepali: Salary 1,26,700 NPR

If you’re a Nepali citizen looking for a job abroad, a job in UAE for Nepali might be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. The prestigious DOUGLAS OHI LLC company in the UAE is offering a range of job positions along with enticing benefits like free visas and tickets. In this article, we will delve into the details of this golden opportunity for Nepali workers.

A Golden Opportunity for Nepali Workers

The prospect of working in a foreign country can be a life-changing experience, especially for Nepali workers. Now, with the chance to secure work in the UAE for Nepalese workers, the dreams of many can become a reality. With a reputed company like DOUGLAS OHI LLC, this opportunity is more promising than ever.

Available job in UAE for Nepali

DOUGLAS OHI LLC is seeking candidates for 14 different job positions, all of which are employment in the UAE for hardworking Nepalese citizens. These positions include:

  1. Civil Engineer
  2. Civil Foreman
  3. Driver
  4. Mason
  5. Plumber
  6. Riggers
  7. Safety Supervisor
  8. Scaffolder
  9. Scaffolding Charge Hand
  10. Scaffolding Inspector
  11. Scaffolding Supervisor
  12. Shuttering Carpenters
  13. Steel Fixer
  14. Surveyor

Duties and Work Conditions

Workers can expect an 8-hour workday, six days a week, with one day off. In addition to this, the company offers free food and accommodation, ensuring a comfortable stay for its employees in their work in the United Arab Emirates for Nepalis.

Required Experience and Training

Depending on the job position, candidates may require specific qualifications and experience. The company also provides training to selected individuals, ensuring they are well-prepared for their roles in their jobs in the UAE.

Number of Workers Needed

The company is looking to hire 113 male workers for their job in UAE for Nepali, making this an excellent opportunity for a significant number of Nepali citizens.

Monthly Salary Range

The monthly salary for these positions ranges from NPR 28,960 to NPR 1,26,700, providing a competitive compensation package for their work in the United Arab Emirates


Specific qualifications and requirements vary according to the job position. Candidates should carefully review the criteria to ensure they meet the company’s standards for their job in UAE for Nepali.

Interview Date

The final interviews will be conducted by company representatives on November 14, 2023, at their office in Kathmandu. It’s essential for candidates to mark this date on their calendars for their Job in UAE for Nepali.

Job in UAE for Nepali

The Final Conclusion

This opportunity from DOUGLAS OHI LLC is a game-changer for Nepali workers seeking employment in the UAE. The combination of job security, attractive salaries, and benefits like free visas and tickets makes this offer highly appealing for job in UAE for Nepali.

Contact Office in Nepal

For further information and application procedures, please contact Seagull International Global H.R. Consultants Private Limited at the following address and phone numbers:

Address: Sukedhara-4, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 01-4375822, 4375824


FAQ 1: How to Apply for These Jobs

To apply for these job in UAE for Nepali, interested candidates should visit the company’s website or contact the provided office in Nepal for detailed application procedures.

FAQ 2: Is language a barrier?

English is commonly used in the UAE, but language requirements may vary by job position. It’s advisable to check the language prerequisites for the specific job you are interested in for your job in UAE for Nepali citizens.

FAQ 3: Are There Any Additional Benefits?

Apart from free visas and tickets, DOUGLAS OHI LLC may offer other benefits, such as medical coverage and additional allowances for their job in UAE for Nepali. Be sure to inquire about these during the interview.

FAQ 4: What Documents Do I Need for the Interview?

Candidates should prepare their identification documents, educational certificates, and any relevant work experience records. It’s important to have all necessary documentation ready for the interview for your job in the UAE for Nepalis.

Final Conclusion

Securing a job in the UAE for Nepali with free visas and tickets is a rare opportunity that Nepali workers shouldn’t miss. DOUGLAS OHI LLC’s reputation and the range of job positions they offer make this an appealing choice for those looking to work abroad. Make sure to mark the interview date on your calendar and prepare your application to kickstart this exciting journey. Get ready to embark on a new chapter of your career in the UAE!

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