From Cubicle to Beach Office: Working Your Dream Job in Mauritius

Are you ready to trade the confines of your cabin for the serene beaches of Job in Mauritius? The opportunity of a lifetime awaits Nepali workers looking for their dream Job in Mauritius. With free work permits and stamps for Nepalese workers, along with vacancies from three reputable companies, your journey to “Jobs in Mauritius” is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Free visa and free ticket Job in Mauritius for Nepalese workers

Position and Duties

As you begin your journey to Job in Mauritius, it is essential to understand the positions and duties that await you. The roles available cover a range of construction-related occupations, including:

  1. Block Layer and Plasterer: You’ll be responsible for creating sturdy and aesthetically pleasing structures by working with concrete blocks and plaster.
  2. Carpenter: Craftsmanship is key in this role, as you’ll be shaping and assembling wooden structures with precision.
  3. Palco Fixer: As a Palco fixer, your expertise in fixing and installing scaffolding structures will be put to good use.
  4. Steel Fixer: Working with steel reinforcement bars, you’ll ensure that structures are robust and durable.
  5. Telehandler Operator: Your role involves operating heavy equipment for lifting and moving materials on construction sites.
  6. Mason: You’ll be responsible for the art of building, from bricks to stones, ensuring structures are sound and aesthetically pleasing.


Relevant experience in these areas is given utmost importance, with preference given to candidates who bring previous expertise. Proficiency in both English and Hindi is also a requirement, as effective communication is important in any workplace.

Number of Vacancies: 655 Male Workers

With ample number of vacancies available, Mauritius is ready to welcome a vital workforce. This presents a unique opportunity for Nepalese male workers to secure jobs in Mauritius and embark on a transformative professional journey.

Salary: 50,046NPR

The salary on offer is highly competitive, providing you with the financial means to fully enjoy your new life Job in Mauritius. This remuneration reflects the demand for skilled professionals in the construction industry.

Working Hours:

Workers can expect 8-hour workdays, six days a week, ensuring a fair and balanced work schedule that leaves time to explore the beauty of Mauritius.


For those willing to put in additional hours, overtime opportunities are available subject to company rules. This can further increase your earning potential.

Food and Accommodation:

One of the benefits of Job in Mauritius is that your food and accommodation will be provided by the company. This takes away the stress of finding a place to stay and ensures that you are well fed and rested during your stay.

Duration of Work: 2 Years

The commitment required for this opportunity is a two-year period of work. It offers job stability and a chance to experience the magic of Mauritius for a long time. Job in Mauritius

Job in Mauritius

Contact Office in Nepal

How to apply this work position: For more information and to take the first step towards your dream Job in Mauritius, you can contact:

Grace Overseas Private Limited
Chappalkarkhana-04, Kathmandu, Nepal

Finally, Mauritius attracts with its pristine beaches, warm hospitality and an exciting career opportunity in the construction industry Job in Mauritius. If you are a Nepalese worker and want to change your life, “Jobs in Mauritius” could be your ticket to a bright future. Don’t miss your chance to break out of the cubicle and own the beach office of your dreams in this tropical paradise. Start your journey with Grace Overseas Private Limited today and make your dream come true.

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