Job in Malta for Nepali

Are you a skilled professional seeking an exciting career abroad? Look no further! HR Sourcing Limited in Malta is thrilled to announce multiple job vacancies tailored for both male and female Nepalese candidates. This golden opportunity is set to transform lives and open doors to a brighter future Job in Malta for Nepali.

Position and Duties – Job in Malta for Nepali

Head Chef

The head chef will lead our dynamic culinary team, overseeing menu creation, food preparation, and kitchen operations. This pivotal role demands creativity, leadership, and a passion for delivering exceptional dining experiences.


As a chef-de-partie, you’ll work closely with the head chef, ensuring each dish is prepared to perfection. Your expertise in specific culinary techniques will be key to maintaining our high standards.


The chef-sous plays a vital role in the kitchen, assisting the head chef in menu planning, inventory management, and staff supervision. This position requires strong organizational skills and a keen eye for detail.

Head Waiter/Waitress

Our head waitstaff sets the tone for outstanding customer service. Your warm demeanor and excellent communication skills will create a memorable dining experience for our patrons.


Are you passionate about making the ideal cup of coffee? As a barista, you’ll be responsible for brewing and serving a variety of coffee beverages, delighting our customers with every sip.


Our bartenders are the heart of our beverage service. Your mixology skills and engaging personality will leave a lasting impression on our guests.


Attention to detail is crucial in this role. As a cashier, you’ll handle transactions efficiently, ensuring accuracy and providing exceptional customer service.


Our cooks play a vital role in the kitchen, assisting with food preparation and maintaining high standards of quality. Your dedication to excellence will shine through in every dish.


Cleanliness is paramount in our establishment. As a cleaner, you’ll ensure our space is immaculate, creating a welcoming environment for both staff and customers.

Food & Beverage Server

Our servers are the face of our establishment. Your friendly demeanor and attentive service will leave a positive impression on our guests.

Food Packer

Attention to detail and efficiency are key in this role. As a food packer, you’ll be responsible for preparing and packaging orders for delivery.


Candidates with prior experience in related fields will be given priority during the selection process. This experience will be a valuable asset as you embark on this exciting new chapter in Malta.

Number of Vacancies: 283 Male and Female Workers – Job in Malta for Nepali

Salary: NPR 1,19,434 to NPR 2,10,415

Working Hours: 8 Hours per Day, 6 Shifts a Week


Overtime opportunities are available in accordance with company rules and regulations, providing additional earning potential for dedicated employees.


The company provides comprehensive food and accommodation arrangements, ensuring that our team members are well taken care of during their tenure.

Job in Malta for Nepali

Duration of Work: 2 Years

Interview Date: 3rd November 2023

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For further inquiries and to apply for these exciting positions, please get in touch with:

Focus Nepal Overseas Private Limited
Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Embark on this incredible journey with HR Sourcing Limited in Malta and take the first step towards a brighter, more prosperous future. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity for Nepali professionals in the heart of the Mediterranean. Apply now! Job in Malta for Nepali


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