Job in Kuwait for Nepali, Salary Up to 86,790/-

Are you a Nepali citizen looking for job opportunities in Kuwait? This article brings good news for you. Kuwait is currently offering new job vacancies through three different companies, and the best part is that they provide free visas and tickets. In this blog post, we will explore these exciting opportunities in detail. Job in Kuwait for Nepali.

New Vacancies in Kuwait: A Golden Opportunity

Kuwait, a land of opportunities, is inviting Nepali job seekers to explore a range of positions in various fields. These positions are available through three distinct companies, and they offer free visas and free airfare for successful applicants.

Available Positions

1. Cleaner

If you have experience or are willing to work as a cleaner, Kuwait has several openings. This is an excellent entry-level opportunity for those who want to start their career Job in Kuwait for Nepali.

2. Bellman

Bellmen are essential in the hospitality industry. Kuwait has vacancies for this role, which involves helping guests with their luggage and providing excellent customer service.

3. Housekeeping Supervisor

Housekeeping supervisors play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and order of hotels and other establishments. If you have experience in this field, Kuwait is looking for you.

4. Room Attendant Cleaner

If you’re interested in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of guest rooms, this job might be for you.

5. Laundry Attendant

The role of a laundry attendant involves taking care of the linens and clothing of the establishment. It’s an important job in the hospitality sector.

6. Kitchen Steward

Kuwait also has openings for kitchen stewards, who are responsible for keeping the kitchen clean and assisting the kitchen staff.

7. Waiter

Waiters are always in demand in Kuwait’s vibrant restaurant scene. If you have experience in the service industry, this could be a perfect opportunity for you.

8. Salon Beautician

If you’re skilled in beauty treatments and services, Kuwait offers positions for salon beauticians.

9. Commis I

Commis I is a position in the culinary world that involves preparing and cooking food. If you have culinary skills, this role might be perfect for you.

10. Commis II

Similar to Commis I, Commis II is another culinary position with a focus on food preparation.

11. Receptionist/GSA

Receptionists and Guest Service Agents (GSAs) are essential in the hospitality industry. If you possess expertise in this industry, we encourage you to submit your application.

12. Women’s Cloth Seller/Sales Girl

If you’re passionate about fashion and sales, Kuwait has opportunities for women’s cloth sellers or salesgirls.

Job in Kuwait for Nepali

Salary Range

The salary for these positions ranges from 30,340 to 86,380 NPR, offering a competitive income to support your life Job in Kuwait for Nepali.

Working Hours and Overtime

Working hours and overtime policies may vary depending on the specific position and company. It’s crucial to seek information about these specifics as part of the application process.

Required Experience

While some positions may not require prior experience, others may prefer candidates with relevant work history. Ensure that you review the prerequisites for each role.

Qualifications: Job in Kuwait for Nepali

Qualifications may vary based on the job you’re applying for. Some positions may require specific certifications or skills, so be sure to review the job listings carefully.

Duration of Work: Job in Kuwait for Nepali

Successful candidates will be offered a two-year work contract, providing job stability and a chance to build a career in Kuwait.

Interview Date

The interview date for these job opportunities is set for the 6th of November 2023. Make sure to prepare adequately for your interview to increase your chances of success.

Contact Us

For more information and to apply for these positions, please contact Supreme Overseas Private Limited in Kathmandu, Nepal. They will guide you through the application process and provide you with the necessary details.

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