Best Hospitality Jobs in Macau for 2024

Do you want to kick start your career overseas? Now may be the time for you to kick start your career in Macau. NEW GALAXY ENTERTAINMENT is hiring employees from worldwide for hospitality jobs in Macau. These positions provide attractive salary and benefits and other facilities. Make the best use of this advantage and kick start your career in Macau.

Advantages of Hospitality Jobs in Macau

Macau is very popular for hospitality services and tourist activities. Macau ranks first in tourism and employment for hospitality workers. Employees earn attractive salary for their work. Every year Macau provides empty jobs for hospitality and other types.

Open Vacancy

Company is hiring workers for hospitality jobs in Macau. The company is looking for 400 man or woman employees for 4 different positions. The following positions are available for Macau job hiring 2024.

  • Assistant Chef
  • F & B Waiter
  • Housekeeping Waiter
  • Public Area Waiter

Working Schedule

Applicants are required to work 8 hours a day and six days a week. As stated in the contract, the company also offer overtime, and the work permit is two years.

Requirements and Qualities Needed for Macau Hospitality Jobs

There are some requirements to be met by applicants to qualify for Macau hospitality jobs. The qualities and requirements are

  • Excellent talking skills in English
  • SEE passed or higher level
  • Creative attitude
  • Friendly working behaviours
  • Work experience certificate

Salary and Benefits

For Macau hospitality jobs, you will be given a monthly salary of NPR 1,65,800 to NPR 1,82,380, plus free food, accommodation, life insurance, visas, tickets and other services.

Final Interview Date

The final interview for the hospitality job in Macau will be held on June 14, 2024. We are sending you all our best wishes for the final interview.

hospitality jobs in Macau

How to Apply

Apply for hospitality jobs in Macau for English speakers by contacting Worldwide Human Resource Networking Pvt, Ltd. Here is the contact information:

  • Address: Ratopool, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Tel: 01-4570457, 01-4570244.


  • What is maximum and minimum age for working in Macau?
  • Maximum age for working Macau is 18 to 35 years.
  • What type of job in Macau is demanding?
  • Housekeeping attendant job in Macau is demanding.
  • Which is best recruitment company for Macau?
  • Best recruitment company for Macau is Worldwide Human Resource Networking Pvt, Ltd.
  • Is this vacancy applicable outside Nepal?
  • No, this vacancy is not applicable outside Nepal.


Macau is one of the most preferred places for hospitality and tourism. Many individuals wish to settle down for a career in Macau. Grab this great opportunity and get these hospitality jobs in Macau to settle down in your new place.

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