Free visa free ticket for Nepalese employee in Kuwait with good salary.

GROUP BAMA GENERAL TRADING & CONT CO. is a trading and contracting company based in Kuwait that is currently seeking Nepalese employees. The company is offering a free visa and free ticket for successful candidates. This presents a great opportunity for Nepalese workers looking for employment opportunities abroad. Working in Kuwait, a small but wealthy country in the Middle East, can provide excellent remuneration packages and benefits. Additionally, it can offer a unique cultural experience, as Kuwait is a cosmopolitan country with a mix of Western and Eastern influences.

It is important to note that working in Kuwait requires a valid work permit, which is obtained through the Kuwaiti government. The company may provide assistance in obtaining the necessary documents, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the employee to ensure that they have the proper documentation. For Nepalese workers interested in applying for this opportunity, it is recommended to research the company and Kuwaiti labor laws to ensure that the employment terms and conditions are satisfactory. Additionally, it is important to understand the cultural and social norms of Kuwait, which may be different from those in Nepal.

Overall, this opportunity with GROUP BAMA GENERAL TRADING & CONT CO. presents a promising prospect for Nepalese workers seeking employment abroad. Facilities Services or Watchman is an important role in maintaining the safety and security of a workplace or residential area. The duties and responsibilities of a Facilities Services or Watchman may vary depending on the specific job and location, but generally, their main duties include monitoring the premises, controlling access, and responding to emergencies.

In terms of monitoring the premises, Facilities Services or Watchman are responsible for conducting regular patrols to ensure that the area is secure and free from any potential threats. They also monitor security cameras and alarms, and report any suspicious activities to their supervisor or the authorities. Controlling access is another important responsibility of Facilities Services or Watchman. They are responsible for checking the identification of anyone entering the premises, and ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed to enter. They may also have to issue visitor passes and maintain a log of all visitors.

Screenshot 1 49In terms of responding to emergencies, Facilities Services or Watchman are responsible for taking appropriate action in case of a security breach, fire, or other emergency situations. They may have to coordinate with emergency services such as the police or fire department, and guide people to safety. As for the salary, the average monthly salary for a Facilities Services or Watchman in Nepal is around 51,436 Nepalese currencies. However, this may vary depending on the specific job, location, and employer. In addition to the base salary, Facilities Services or Watchman may also receive other benefits such as health insurance, housing allowance, and overtime pay.

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