Dubai Vacancy in Nepal – Salary Up-to 43,518

Are you a job seeker in Nepal and dreaming of an exciting employment opportunity in the heart of UAE? (Dubai Vacancy in Nepal) If yes, then you are in luck! We have got a golden opportunity for both male and female Nepalese citizens to get Dubai Vacancy in Nepal. Two renowned companies, Gulf Catering & Support Services LLC and Ejadah Asset Management Group LLC, are offering many exciting positions that could be your ticket to a bright future.

Company Name: Gulf Catering & Support Services LLC and Ajadah Asset Management Group LLC

Dubai Vacancy in Nepal, These two prestigious companies are opening their doors to Nepali talents, offering an incredible opportunity for overseas employment. Whether you are a man or a woman looking for a job, these companies have something for you. Let’s take a closer look at those positions and the duties that come with them.

Position and Duties – Dubai Vacancy in Nepal

  • Male Cleaner: As a Male Cleaner, your role will involve ensuring cleanliness and hygiene of various premises. This includes offices, public places or other designated areas.
  • Lifeguard (Male): If you are a strong swimmer and have a passion for water safety, the position of Male Lifeguard is perfect for you. Your primary responsibility will be to maintain a safe environment around swimming pools and other aquatic features.
  • Security Guard: Your role as a security guard is one of the most important. You will be responsible for the security of the premises and ensuring the safety of company property and personnel.

Work Experience

Best of all, experience is preferred but not required. If you do not have previous experience in any of these roles, companies will provide you with the necessary on-the-job training to ensure that you are fully prepared for your responsibilities.

Number of Vacancies: 620 Male & Female Employees

There are an astonishing 620 vacancies available for both male and female workers, providing a plethora of opportunities for job seekers. With such a large number of vacancies, your chances of landing your dream job have never been higher.

Salary: 29,012 to 43,518 NPR

The remuneration package is undoubtedly attractive. The salary for these posts ranges from NPR 29,012 to NPR 43,518. This competitive compensation ensures that your hard work and dedication will be well rewarded.

Hours of Work

You will be expected to work 8 hours a day with a 6 day workweek. This means you will have ample opportunities to earn extra income through overtime.


Overtime opportunities are available as per company rules. This means you can increase your earnings by working extra hours, making the most of this extraordinary job offer.


Companies understand the importance of making comfortable living and dining arrangements for their employees. They provide both food and accommodation, reducing any worries you may have about these aspects of daily life.

Duration of work: 2 years

Under this program your employment in Dubai will last for a period of 2 years. This commitment provides a sense of stability and security, knowing you have a job you can rely on.

Dubai Vacancy in Nepal

Interview Date: 27 October 2023

The interview date has been scheduled for October 27, 2023. Mark your calendars and prepare yourself for this golden opportunity to secure your dream job in Dubai Vacancy in Nepal.

Contact Office in Nepal

For inquiries or to schedule your interview, contact Paradise International Pvt. Ltd. located at Bakhundole, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal. They will provide you with all the necessary information and guidance you need to embark on this exciting journey towards Dubai Vacancy in Nepal.

In conclusion, the opportunity to get a Dubai Vacancy in Nepal is a dream come true for many Nepali citizens. With attractive salaries, excellent working conditions and the support of well-known companies like Gulf Catering & Support Services LLC and Ejadah Asset Management Group LLC, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Prepare yourself, mark your calendar, and take steps towards your dream job in Dubai. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to kickstart your international career.

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