Dishwasher & cleaning staff wanted busy Indian restaurant

Indian Restaurant is looking for a reliable candidate to join their team as a dishwasher. Firstly, Our working site is located in (QLD area, Hamilton, Australia). The candidate must have his/her own vehicle to travel from home to the workplace. Similarly, the work is simple so you don’t have to be panic. Likewise, the candidates have to take all the

Responsibilities for not getting any complaints. Likely in this job, mainly you have to clean utensils and dishes. The candidate must follow the rules and regulations and also the orders of the seniors. While working during this pandemic, the candidate has to be careful to avoid germs by following safety measures and using sanitizers and

Wearing face masks, gloves, and face shields. Besides in this job the candidate must wear the uniform in a proper and cleaned way to show respect towards guests. The working schedule starts from 4:30 PM to 9 PM (5 days a week). The responsibilities as a dishwasher are: washing dishes and utensils, unloading and storing deliveries, preparing

Dining areas and kitchen for next shift by cleaning and restocking dining areas and cook station, supporting other staff members by assisting with other tasks as needed, disposing the rubbish into the dustbin, cleaning machine and appliances used in the kitchen such as coffee makers, pots, pans, mixers, etc.

The requirements as a dishwasher are a high school diploma, strong communication, and problem-solving skills, exceptional time management skills. The candidates must be hardworking, punctual, able to adapt to the changing schedule, trustworthy, physically active, flexible to work on weekends. The interested candidate can contact us on 0422780780.

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