Cut Leather, Shoe Page Machinist staff demand in Albania

Exciting prospects await Nepali job seekers as prestigious companies in Albania extend an inviting offer for foreign employment. Both male and female candidates are welcome to apply for two distinct positions, promising substantial remuneration. The work schedule involves 8 to 10 hours a day, six days a week, with the possibility of overtime in adherence to company regulations. Accommodation will be provided free of charge by the company, ensuring a comfortable stay throughout the 2-year work commitment.

A total of 74 positions are available, and successful applicants will receive a competitive monthly salary of 72,250. An important milestone in the selection process is the final interview, scheduled for August 26, 2023. This interview will be conducted by a company representative at the designated Manpower office in Kathmandu.

Cut Leather, Shoe Page Machinist staff are responsible for critical tasks in footwear production. They expertly cut leather pieces, ensuring precision and minimizing material waste. Their adeptness in using various cutting tools and machinery guarantees accurate components for shoes.

Shoe Page Machinists assemble these components, employing their skill in stitching, adhering, and attaching intricate parts, resulting in the creation of high-quality footwear. They meticulously follow blueprints or design specifications to guarantee each shoe’s impeccable construction.

Additionally, these staff members may oversee the operation and maintenance of machinery, troubleshooting issues to maintain a seamless production process. Their roles encompass the inspection of finished shoes for defects, upholding the brand’s quality standards.

Overall, Cut Leather, Shoe Page Machinist staff play a pivotal role in the footwear industry, contributing to the crafting of comfortable, stylish, and durable shoes that meet customer expectations.

Nepali citizens aspiring to seize this opportunity can obtain comprehensive information about the job and associated costs by reaching out to the provided contact details. The company’s address and phone number are readily available for inquiries and applications. This is a chance for Nepali workers to embark on a rewarding journey of professional growth and international experience.

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