Cleaning job available Monday to Friday 5 days a week

We are seeking an experienced and hardworking candidate to join our team for cleaning purposes. First of all, the worksites are situated in ROCK BANK and GEELONG AREA and the worker must have a reliable vehicle to travel from one place to another for saving time to work adequately. Similarly, the worker should be skilful to handle any

Cleaning tasks as per the requirement of the authorities. Likely, the work is simple but you must be hard-working to prove as a worthy worker and while working you must attend the work in a clean, well-mannered outfit. Moreover, the worker should be fit physically and have good physical strength, stamina to lift weight’s while cleaning the construction site area.

More, you must have the knowledge of understanding all health safety methods to save a life from any certain accidents or faults. The responsibilities as a cleaner are spot cleaning of windows and glasses, help other teammates to work reliably, follow the instructions from the supervisors, ready to learn something new on the job if required

Perform cleaning from a broom, mop, sweeper and vacuum to make the area dirt or dust-free. The requirements as a cleaner are a high school diploma is required, must have builders cleaning experience, must have construction white card legally, have worked in a similar position before

Ability to work in all kinds of weather, humble and coordinating in the field. Interested candidates, please contact us with your detailed resume on 0409377847 to get extra information.

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