Needed cleaner/kitchen hand & all-rounder staff 5-7 days a week

POSITION 1: We’re seeking a reliable, dedicated male or female cleaning staff for regular shift position. The position/worksite is located in the Warrnambool area so if the cleaner lives in or around the work site then it would be a great advantage. This is a regular shift position so, the cleaner has to available at work for all 7 days a week

(Monday to Sunday). Likely, the starting & finishing time of the shift is very flexible. Ideally, we want those cleaner who have got some experience of working in a cleaning field & also those who have good knowledge of handling cleaning tools/chemicals.

Cleaners should be able to work around the people or in an under-pressure situation with a team/individual. They have to provide high-end services & also be able to finish the work/job on the assigned period. Candidates must have good dedication & passion for the related work. For this role, Genders/age is doesn’t matter, only matter is to have a

Good work ethic, flexibility, personality & all the mention criteria/requirements. The paying/price rate of this role will be negotiated in the interview or person. So if you want more information about this position then please feel free to contact us on this number 0474441654.

POSITION 2: An experienced, dedicated chicken shop assistant/ all-rounder staff is required for a Knightbridge Takeaway shop. The takeaway shop is situated inside the Knightsbridge Shopping Centre, Gilbert Road Castle Hill area so we would like to have that candidate who lives in or around the worksite(shop area)

This is a part-time basis position so the candidate has to available/come at work for 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. Similarly, the commencing & finishing time of the shift is very adaptable but full availability throughout a week/days is essential. As a requirement, previous experience of working in a related post

(shop assistant/all-rounder) & also speaking fluent English is a must. Candidates should be able to work with a team/alone in any kind of situation. They have to follow all the work instructions given by the leader & also be able to work fast & autonomously. Candidates have to maintain a professional relationship between the team members.

Candidates must be enthusiastic, responsible, presentable, fast, efficient & honest with a keen eye for details. This is a part-time shift position but a good amount of wage/salary will be provided. So if you like this job & want to do this then please feel free to contact us on this number 96342498.

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